Reviews of the book

Anita M. McGahan
“In this book, renowned social scientist Dovev Lavie describes how our economic system reinforces our human tendencies toward opportunism. The consequences have been grave. To address grand challenges such as overconsumption and abuse of natural resources, we now need to turn to an alternative cooperative economic system in which we reinforce our prosocial inclinations. Lavie provides compelling scientific evidence that this is possible and well within our reach. If you are seeking inspiration on how to change the world, read this book!”
Ranjay Gulati
“This is one of those rare and ambitious books that challenges the very capitalist system that we all take for granted. Lavie carefully unpacks not only the list of problems we face as a society, but then puts forward a new way of organizing that might help us address many of them. He sets aside piecemeal tweaks to our system and instead proposes a new model that he calls the ‘cooperative economy.’ We all agree that our system as we know it is broken. But few have thus far imagined what a new way of organizing our economy might look like. This book opens up the possibility that there may yet be a way forward.”
Robert Grant
“Is a free enterprise, market economy based upon fairness and kindness a realistic alternative for one based upon greed and exploitation? Dovev Lavie‚Äôs vision of a cooperative economy has convinced me that it is indeed possible.”